The premium lighter for fireplace, stove, grill and other fireplaces


This natural product made of pure paraffin and wood offers an above-average burning performance due to its unique recipe and manufacturing method - a single fire cube is enough to ignite your fireplace. The faster the high temperature range of the fireplace is reached, the more effective the combustion process is.

Place a fire cube on a piece of wood or charcoal and the fireplace will ignite in a matter of seconds with very little soot. Suitable for all fireplaces with solid fuels. Unique for stoves with glass fronts - no soot development due to 100% ecological and clean ingredients.

Available in 500g and 1000g boxes and as an attractive gift item.

The marketing burner for maximum customer loyalty

With their unique properties, the fire cubes set new standards in the field of stove igniters. Whether as top ropes for your product range, as an original gift for long-standing customers or as an attractive giveaway at trade fairs, the unique fire cubes strengthen your customer loyalty and convince potential customers with their exceptional properties! A small product with a big effect, because quality creates trust.

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